My First Haircut

There are many first’s in a child’s life, the first step, the first tooth, the first time they ride a bike. The first haircut can sometimes be one of the more stressful times for both parents and children.

The first Haircut isn’t just about cutting the hair, it’s about the whole experience, making sure children enjoy it and continue having their haircut regularly. 

We have put together some tips so that the first experience will end with smiles.

  • Practice draping a loose sheet or cloth around the shoulders.
  • Play Hairdressers at home with children taking turns at combing and brushing each other’s hair.
  • If possible use a hairdryer or have one on in the background as this is one of the noises they will hear once in a salon and is one of the most common reasons children resist.
  • Watch videos on line of children having their haircut.
  • Don’t stress if they don’t want to sit on their own, many children like to sit on someone’s knee the first time.
  • Visit our salons regularly just to say hi or have a look around our stylists will be happy to speak with you and your child to answer any of your questions.

A good idea is to have a countdown to the day, reminding children how good it will be or how nice they will look.

At the end of the Haircut you will get a personalized envelope to take your child’s hair home and with permission the children are offered a lollipop.